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Success and Results

We expect all students to leave Crosshill with qualifications, as we have high expectations, regardless of needs, barriers or starting point.

We are very proud of the Key Stage 4 results our students achieve in Year 11.

Summary of KS4 Outcomes for Leavers 2023

Average number of qualifications achieved per pupil6.5
Cohort size13 pupils

Functional Skills English

3 x FSEL1
6 x FSEL2
1 x FSEL3 

Functional Skills Maths
3 x FSEL1
4 x FSEL2
2 x FSEL3
1 x FS Level 2
Functional Skills ICT (Option Year 10)
2 x FSEL2
Entry Level Science
2 x EL1
4 x EL2
1 x EL3 Award
Entry Level Humanities

2 x EL2
5 x EL3
1 x EL3 Award

Entry Level Independent Travel 
7 x EL2
Entry Level Personal Social Development 
7 x EL3
Arts Award in Photography (Option Year 10)
6 x Award
Duke of Edinburgh
8 x Bronze Award
Entry Level Creative Arts (Option Year 11)
2 x EL2
Entry Level PE (Option Year 10)
6 x FSEL2
Asdan Lifeskills Challenge
2 x Entry Level 1
Equals (Informal Only)
3 x Globetrotters

Summary of KS5 Outcomes for Leavers 2023

Cohort size
4 pupils

Open Awards Year 12
Certificate in Lifeskills and Work
1 x Entry Level 1
Open Award Year 13
Diploma in Independent Living
1 x Entry Level 1
1 x Entry Level 2
Asdan Towards Independence
2 x PASS
Duke of Edinburgh
1 x Bronze Award

"The staff are wonderful, so good at their job. I would recommend anyone to send their child to Crosshill."