Family Lets Get Cooking on 31 May 2017


Due to illness we had two families attend our Spring Bank Half Term holiday Lets Get Cooking morning at Crosshill School on Wednesday 31 May 2017. We had a lovely morning making herby Quorn style chicken with blue berry salsa and traffic light rice. All the ingredients including the herbs,vegetables and fruit were fresh and we took advantage of using “in season” vegetables and fruit. The children were fabulous chopping and preparing the food and helping with the cooking and cleaning afterwards. The session led to us discussing the medicinal qualities of the produce we were using and giving each other advice on what different herbs are good for. We learned that coriander as so many using including can be made into a paste and used on pimples and is a good for cold and flu remedy. Once the food was prepared the families enjoyed the usual Lets Get Cooking lunch together to finish the morning off. Although the group was small this time we all thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

The next Lets get cooking day is during the Summer holidays on Wednesday 9 August 2017. We also have planned a family pottery workshop on 15 and 16 August and familg games morning on Wednesday 23 August.

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