Enterprise Week at Crosshill School


Enterprise Week at Crosshill School

During week commencing Monday 2nd December our classes were involved in organizing their own business as part of Enterprise Week.

The students were like members of “The Apprentice” TV show and it involved each class designing a product, sourcing the items required to make their products, working out a cost to make a profit and then selling their products to the whole school including BCHS on Thursday and Friday break-times. The event was named “Crosshill Christmas Crafts.” On Thursday and Friday the students organised their own Market place in the school heart place. The stalls include hand made wooden Christmas tree decorations, salt dough decorations, Christmas chocolates, sweet bags, Christmas cards, and refreshments. The atmosphere was amazing with everyone wanting to purchase the merchandise the students had made. The profits each class made will be used for resources for their class.

Some of our students visited the Promethean office and sold £37 of merchandise.

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