D of E Expedition 25/26 May 2017 What to take


As part of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Scheme the students have to do both a practice and a final expedition. This will involve the students walking to a selected area, which includes map reading skills, setting up camp, cooking themselves a meal, sleeping in a tent overnight then packing up and walking to their final destination all of which will be under adult supervision. A full risk assessment has been put into place.
The dates that have been arranged are;
Practice Thursday 25th and 26th May 2017 (overnight)
Final 22nd and 23rd June 2017 (overnight)
Pupils on school dinners will get a packed lunch on Thursday and will have one for Friday. However students need to bring food for their evening meal, this needs to be something in a tin or packet that can be put into a pot and heated over a camp stove (for example: ready cooked rice or pasta and chicken korma, chilli). They also need something for breakfast this can be in the form of cereal bars or instant porridge. Students can bring snacks, crisps etc, if unsure please contact me at school.

All pupils will need to wear warm clothes on the day of the expedition and bring extra warm clothes and toiletries for an overnight stay.

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