Regular school attendance is crucial to a student’s success in school. It is essential that we do all we can to maximize attendance rates within Crosshill with BCHS.

To assist us in doing this we provide yearly targets for each individual student based on their previous years attendance and the Government expectations of attendance to school.

The attendance of each individual student is then closely monitored and tracked on a termly basis by our Pastoral Manager. Our Pastoral Manager then informs students and parents of their current attendance rate and then offers support or interventions to improve attendance.

If a students attendance is below 93% then they will be closely monitored by the pastoral manager for the following term, although we are aware as a special school some of our learners have lower attendance due to medical needs or ill health so the type of support offered varies to the individual student.

For students whose attendance is consistently good or excellent we provide praise to these students via assemblies and our positive points system.

The chart below corresponds to the tracker:

Excellent                   98% and above
GREEN = Keep up the great work, your child has excellent attendance!

Good                         95% 97.9%
YELLOW = your child is doing well, but try to ensure you consider any absences carefully.

Satisfactory             93% to 94.9%
AMBER = your child’s attendance is slightly lower than we would like, avoid any unnecessary absences from school.

Weak                         90% to 92.9%
PINK = We are worried about your child’s attendance and the effect it will be having on their chances to make good progress in school, please ensure your child attends every day to see improvement.

Poor                           89.9% or below
RED = we are very concerned about your child’s attendance and may get external support from localities/social services/EWO (Education Welfare Officer) or decide to proceed and issue a fixed penalty notice charge if your child’s attendance does not improve this term.

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