Being a school Governor is interesting, worthwhile and rewarding. An effective Governor is clear about their role and responsibilities.

Governors do not need educational expertise but do need to be committed to Crosshill School, willing to ask questions, to both challenge and support the Headteacher. They also need to be able to devote the time necessary to work as an enthusiastic member of the Governing Body team, attend meetings, and get involved in the life of the school.

Crosshill values the contribution from Governors from all walks of life, bringing their unique life experiences and skills which can be utilised to support school improvement. New Governors will be supported by other Governors on the Governing Body as well as Blackburn with Darwen Local Authority.

The Governing Body is made up of representatives of parents, staff, the community, sponsor and the Local Authority. The Headteacher is entitled to attend all meetings of the Governing Body, and also its committees. Normally a Governing Body will meet every term, with between two to three committees doing the more detailed work, feeding into the main meeting.

Crosshill School Governor Information 2018/2019

Name of Governor Role Committee Responsibility
Mrs Siobhan Mercer Local Authority Governor Curriculum, Monitoring and Standards
Mrs Philomena Keigher Co-Opted
Chair of Governors
Finance, Resources & Personnel,
Curriculum, Monitoring & Standards
Numeracy, Pupil Premium, Joint Link
Mrs Diane Atkinson Executive Head Finance, Resources & Personnel
Miss Laura Tebbutt Staff Curriculum, Monitoring and Standards
Mrs Erica Doyle Parent Safeguarding & Looked After Children, E-Safety
Mrs Nina Wiggans Parent
Mrs Bernadette Hodkinson Co-Opted Curriculum, Monitoring and Standards Literacy, Educational Visits
Mr Brian Holliday Co-Opted Finance, Resources and Personnel Health and Safety
Mrs Suzanne Smith Co-Opted Finance, Resources and Personnel Joint Link Governor
Mrs Jill Phillips Co-Opted Curriculum, Monitoring and Standards Careers
Mrs Lynn Nixon Co-Opted Vice Chair SEN
Mrs Dot Thomson Foundation
Chair of Curriculum
Curriculum, Monitoring and Standards, Finance, Resources and Personnel
Mr Muhammad Mizan Foundation
Chair of Finance and Resources
Finance, Resources and Personnel
Miss Lidia Cattrell Associate member Curriculum, Monitoring and Standards No voting rights
Mrs Nicola Chester Associate member Finance, Resources and Personnel No voting rights


Name of Governor Date Appointed Term End Date Appointed by Business/ Pecuniary interest Governance Roles/ Educational Institutions Material Interests Attendance 2017-18 Attendance 2018-19
Mrs Siobhan Mercer 16 January 2017 7 February 2021 LA None None  None 6/7 3/6
Mrs Philomena Keigher 1 September 2012 31 December 2022 Governing Body None None None 10/10 9/9
Mrs Diane Atkinson 1 April 2015 Ex Offico None BCHS None 7/8 6/7
Miss Laura Tebbutt 20 February 2017 26 March 2021 Crosshill None None None 7/7 2/6
Mrs Erica Doyle 14 October 2015 13 October 2019 Crosshill None None None 7/7 3/4
Mrs Nina Wiggans 15 November 2016 15 November 2020 Crosshill None None None 3/4 1/4
Mrs Bernadette Hodkinson 6 March 2013 30 August 2022 Crosshill None None None 6/7 5/6
Mr Brian Holliday 1 September 2006 31 August 2022 Crosshill None None None 6/7 6/7
Mrs Suzanne Smith 14 October 2015 13 October 2022 Crosshill None None None 6/7 7/7
Mrs Jill Phillips 14 October 2015 13 October 2019 Crosshill None None None 6/7 4/6
Mrs Lynn Nixon 14 October 2015 13 October 2019 Crosshill None None None 2/3 0/4
Mrs Dot Thomson 15 March 2016 21 February 2023 Governing Body Independent Education Advisor BCHS, St Thomas PRU, Tauheedul Islam Boys High School None 9/10 8/9
Mr Muhammed Mizan 14 March 2018 28 February 2022 Governing Body None BCHS, St Matthews with Brunel Nursery None 3/3 5/7
Miss Lidia Cattrell Deputy SEND Leader Lancashire & West Yorkshire None 5/6
Mrs Nicola Chester BCHS None 7/7

Privacy Notice for Governors

Ended or Resigned Governorships



Term End Date

Appointed By


Position of Responsibility

Business, Pecuniary & Material Interests

Governance Roles at Educational Institutions

Attendance 2018/19

Mrs Sharon Booth Staff Resigned March 2017 Crosshill CS None None
Mrs Hayley Eastham Parent Resigned June 2017 Crosshill CS None None
Mrs Christine Ross Parent Resigned October 2018 Crosshill CS None None 1/6

Committees: FC – Finance & Corporate Resources Committee, CS – Curriculum and Standards Committee.

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