School Leadership Team

Mrs Diane Atkinson Executive Headteacher
Ms Lidia Cattrell Headteacher of Crosshill Provision
Mrs Rachel Hadfield Assistant Headteacher
Ms Safiya Balu Assistant Headteacher
Ms Nicola Chester School Business Manager (shared with BCHS)


Teaching Staff

Mrs Sharon Booth Class Teacher
Mrs Fiona Woodford Class Teacher
Mrs Claire Davies Class Teacher
Ms Yasmeen Patel Class Teacher
Mrs Kelly Smith Class Teacher
Mrs Laura Tebbutt Class Teacher
Mrs Jane Harrison Associate Teacher
Mrs Hazel Burrows HLTA
Mrs Ceri Hamill HLTA


Pastoral Staff

Mrs Suzanne Smith Pastoral Manager & Post-16 Learning Support
Miss Lindsey Towers HLTA & Lead on Mental Health and Wellbeing


Support Staff

Mr Liz Bodill Teaching Assistant
Mrs Janet Bretherton Teaching Assistant
Ms Sarah Clarke Teaching Assistant
Mrs Louise Devitt Teaching Assistant
Mr Oliver Jackson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Louise Jolliffe Teaching Assistant & Lead on ICT
Mr Paul Kendrick Teaching Assistant & Lead on Performing Arts
Mrs Misbah Mahmood Teaching Assistant
Mrs Anita Riley Teaching Assistant
Mrs Tracy Robertson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Helan Robins Teaching Assistant
Ms Nafisa Sidat Teaching Assistant
Mrs Angela Snape Teaching Assistant



Ms Heather Sweeney Senior Finance and Community Officer
Mrs Paula Thornton Admin Assistant to SLT
Mr Jack Worden IT Technician (shared with BCHS)
Mrs Lynn Dickinson Operations Manager (shared with BCHS)
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